Switzerland supermarket is investing in the future with Green Wave R290 refrigeration equipment

The largest Swiss retail company and one of the 40 biggest retailers globally – the Migros supermarket chain – is investing in the future by choosing sustainable and energy-efficient refrigeration solutions from FREOR.

For its new store in the city of Luzern, Migros wanted an eye-catching refrigeration solution to display ready-to-eat and fresh food products. They decided on the low-profile upright MERCURY plug-in multideck for optimal product storage with its wide temperature ranges. Thanks to its electronically commutated fans and LED lights and to installation with glass doors, the MERCURY multideck also turned out to be highly energy efficient.

The MERCURY is part of FREOR’s Green Wave R290 range, which uses natural propane gas (R290) as a refrigerant. Propane gas is one of the most climate-friendly and cost-effective refrigerants available on the market, enabling refrigeration equipment to save up to 30% more energy than HFC/HFO systems.

The refrigerant is non-toxic, has no effect on the ozone layer, and has a global warming potential (GWP) of just 3.

Bypassing the F-gas phase-down by choosing R290 refrigerant

Since the European Commission released the new F-gas phase-down proposal, which proposes an F-gas quota reduction in 2024 to almost 24%, supermarkets need to change their cooling strategies and invest in nature-friendly refrigerants now. In that context, the refrigerant R290 is an excellent future-safe cooling solution.

By choosing equipment operating on R290, Migros is not only saving energy but is also investing in the future of its supermarkets and the Earth and sidestepping the phase-down of the F-gas quota.