Swift Sensors Launches Enhanced Regulatory Reporting for Refrigeration Monitoring Across Industries

Swift Sensors, a leading provider of wireless sensor technology, launched an enhanced set of reports for creating temperature logs that meet regulatory requirements for restaurants, schools, and medical labs. As part of the Swift Sensors remote monitoring and alert system, enhanced reports automate the process of creating temperature logs for various regulatory and government requirements, including health inspections for restaurants and food service establishments, school lunch programs, and CLIA-certified medical labs.

The Challenge of Temperature Management

Proper refrigeration is a vital aspect of various sectors, from safeguarding the freshness of food in restaurants to maintaining the efficacy of vaccines in medical laboratories. The need to comply with local, state, and federal regulations concerning temperature monitoring has further accentuated the importance of precise and consistent temperature management. Three new reporting tools now address the multiple industry requirements:

  • Daily Verification Reports – Automatically document daily reviews and verification of cooler and freezer temperatures storing sensitive samples, medicines, and vaccines in CLIA-certified laboratories.
  • Daily Spot Values – Automatically generate temperature logs showing temperatures at multiple times throughout the day
  • Daily Extremes – Generate a temperature log showing the minimum, maximum, and average temperature of selected freezers and coolers for a given date range.

Refrigeration Monitoring Package

The newly launched reports are included as part of the Swift Sensors Refrigeration Monitoring Package – a startup bundle that packages sensors, a gateway, temperature buffers, and the software to get up and running quickly with the system. It offers a seamless integration of advanced technology with user-friendly features, making it suitable for multiple industries:

Unparalleled Features

The core value of Swift Sensors’ refrigeration monitoring system lies in its real-time alert system. Instant notifications via email, text message, and phone calls ensure that all stakeholders are promptly informed if there are any temperature inconsistencies. Moreover, the system’s ability to create automated logs of temperatures ensures compliance with regulations and provides a transparent record of operations.

CEO’s Statement

‘The Internet of Things (IoT) has grown from science fiction to a basic requirement for protecting equipment, facilities, and business processes across a wide range of industries. Our built-in reports not only satisfy regulatory requirements for governing bodies such as state and local health inspectors, they also automate daily logging – freeing up valuable staff resources to focus on more important tasks. We are excited to package these new reporting capabilities with high-quality measurement sensors and easy-to-use software for use across so many different applications.’

Availability and Support

The Refrigeration Monitoring System is available for purchase directly through Swift Sensors and authorized distributors. Comprehensive support and guidance are provided, ensuring a smooth integration of the system into existing operations.