SWEP Presented with Trane Technologies’ 2021 Continuous Improvement Award

SWEP, part of Dover (NYSE: DOV), recently received the 2021 Continuous Improvement Award from Trane Technologies, a world leader in air conditioning systems, services and solutions.

The Trane Technologies Continuous Improvement Award recognizes suppliers who are using operational excellence principles to drive improvements in key performance metrics. SWEP received this honor because of its ability to supply high-quality products in a timely manner, despite the struggles that last year presented to the manufacturing world.

In 2021, with a worldwide crisis on raw materials, Trane Technologies was still able to meet the demand from their customers for continuous value creation. SWEP contributed to this achievement in multiple ways such as releasing sufficient capacities and efficiently managing its supply chain to successfully serve all regions without shortages and sharing demand forecasts as quickly as possible to enable delivery success. Trane Technologies has recognized SWEP for going above and beyond and being flexible and reactive by shifting production priorities in their global plants to help Trane Technologies find quick solutions that help keep production facilities running.

“SWEP provides all the key characteristics and aspects that Trane Technologies is looking for in suppliers to help us transform the industry and boldly challenge and manage our footprint in the global environment with high attention to climate,” said Aurélie Gerardin, Procurement Leader at Trane Technologies.

In addition, SWEP is also working on sustainability as a continuous value creation and has a robust quality process to deal with NCM (non-conforming materials) and achievement of high OSA scores for two of their manufacturing locations in Europe. SWEP is also supporting the drive for a greener future by reusing packaging, therefore, drastically limiting waste at the plant level.

For more information about SWEP, please visit www.swep.net.