Sustainability, innovation and well-being: Frascold presents the integrated project for the efficiency upgrading of the headquarters

Improving efficiency, reducing consumption and safeguarding resources in compliance with the principles of the Circular Economy, are priority objectives for Frascold. The recent investments for the headquarters, located in the province of Milan, are a concrete testimony of the Company’s desire to achieve the highest standards of excellence, reduce waste and promote the well-being of its employees. The interventions are expressed in the creation of a state-of-the-art photovoltaic system, in the relamping and in the construction, with natural materials, of a new multifunctional building.


Frascold is committed to tackling climate change by supporting initiatives aimed at reducing the environmental impact of its business activities. In this sense, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Frascold has recently started the construction of an innovative photovoltaic system. 3.500 total panels will be installed on all usable surfaces of the production site, as well as on the roofs of the parking shelters, which are scheduled to be built in 2021. The project, carried out by Elettra Investimenti, will guarantee the minimum production of 1,311,940 kWh/year of clean energy, to meet almost 50% of the daytime needs, with a reduction in CO2 emissions of 583 t/year.

In order to stimulate sustainable growth, the introduction of a fleet of electric vehicles for corporate mobility is also planned. Frascold’s goal is to combine clean energy production with the need for a covered parking space made available to employees and visitors. For this reason, part of the photovoltaic panels will be installed on special shelters (345 kWp), configuring itself as an ideal infrastructure for the future charging stations.