ATMOsphere and Danish Technological Institute to Host Technical Conference on “The Future of Air Conditioning”

Jointly hosted by shecco (organizer of ATMOsphere Events) and the Danish Technological Institute, online event will feature a variety of special topics and technical sessions delivered by leading experts.

Over the last years, the HVAC&R industry has become increasingly focused on sustainability. As part of this trend, many companies have taken on the challenge of making their products more energy efficient, stepping away from HFCs, and adopting new technologies to produce natural refrigerant (NatRefs)-based solutions.

The motivation behind organizing this event comes from seeing the natural refrigerant trend emerge within the air-conditioning sector,” said Marc Chasserot, CEO of shecco. “Though these are still early stages, there are enough topics, speakers, and interest to host an event that will showcase already-existing solutions as well as show where the future is headed.”

The conference will last two days. The first will introduce the topic of natural refrigerants in air conditioning with a keynote speech by Iain Campbell, Senior Fellow, Rocky Mountain Institute on their Cooling Prize. This will be followed by a look at market trends in the industry, an overview of the Danish perspective on the topic, a policy panel to discuss regulations (present and future), and will conclude with an incentives session based on the theme of “Clean Cooling.”

The second day will be more technical, commencing with a keynote session and followed by panel that will forecast “Future Possibilities of NatRefs in HVAC.” Most of the day will be taken up by two technical sessions where in-depth case studies will be presented. One of these sessions will focus on large-scale air-conditioning applications (chillers, large scale heat pumps, multi-split systems, etc.) and the other on small-scale ones (split-units, air-handling with integrated heat pumps, etc.)

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As natural refrigerants in air conditioning become more prevalent, this theme will appear in more ATMOsphere Events as well as HVAC&R trade shows and conferences all over the world,” said Chasserot.