SAIP opens its first site in USA

Saip, Italian designer and manufacturer of innovative machinery and solutions for the Polyurethane Industry, announces the opening of its first site in the United States. The site is located in the city of Columbus, Ohio.

As part of the company’s global expansion strategy, the new site will facilitate local support and business growth in the North American market.

The office will be primarily a technical hub with a skilled and dedicated staff of technicians and a well-furnished spare parts warehouse”, says Luca Ceresa, Saip Commercial Director, adding, “North America represents a very important and fast-growing market for polyurethane production lines and machines; by creating a network of solid and complementary partnerships that provide broad access to the North American market, Saip expects to build a successful and durable presence in these countries”.

“I am pleased to assist to the natural expansion of Saip in North America,” comments Walter Pozzi, Saip President, “As complete turn key solutions in PU Industry are gaining traction, I believe Saip products’ portfolio will fit the rapidly evolving needs of this growing market.

At the moment, in fact, Saip is already a major player, in North America, in different fields, such as Insulated Metal Panels, Commercial Refrigeration plants and special innovative solutions for technical articles,” concludes Mr. Pozzi.

Saip team of engineers and technicians will support the developing of sales in US, Canada and Mexico in order to make Saip brand known as synonymous of advanced and quality solutions. Saip expects the North American market to account for 30% of their business within a year.