Rankine 2020 goes online

The Institute of Refrigeration has released the full programme of speakers for the Rankine 2020 online international conference which takes place on 27th to 31st July this year.

The programme features 75 individual talks, 3 keynote addresses, 1 short course. In addition there will be a free to all event with guest speakers celebrating the Life and Legacy of William Rankine on this the bicentenary of his birth where you can find out what contribution of this great man of science has been to the world of heating and cooling.

The Programme for the IIR Rankine 2020 Conference – Advances in Cooling, Heating and Power Generation is available to view at www.rankine2020.com. You can now read abstracts of all papers that will be presented at the event.    During the live conference speakers will give 20 minute presentations and delegates will be able to ask questions in real time

To replicate the networking opportunities usually found at a large-scale in person conference, delegates will be able to join the Rankine Coffee Lounge. The Lounge will be the place to chat with technical experts, ask questions of anyone or everyone on the call and take part in live polls.  Each Lounge session will have a specific relevant theme.

A private LinkedIn conference group has also been opened up to allow delegates to carry on the discussions on a one to one basis and exchange contact details.

The conference’s three keynote speakers have been confirmed as:

  • Professor Eckhard Groll of Purdue University, who will explore keys aspects of vapour compression cycles, sorption systems, gas cycles, solid-state system and other “exotic” cycles. He will offer a unique perspective on the design of next-generation heating, cooling and refrigeration technologies
  • Dr Mark McLinden- Research Chemical Engineer, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) will give a talk on the evolution of refrigerants and share insights into where we are going next.
  • Dr Vincent Lemort – of the University of Liège will look at new trends and future prospects for Organic Rankine Cycle power systems.

Rankine 2020 will be a unique opportunity to find out about the potential for Organic Rankine Cycles as a market changing technology.   You will hear from leaders and researchers in the fields of thermodynamic cycles, working fluids, and their applications.  Its scope will be broad covering not just refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps but also power generation.

More information on rankine2020.com