PHNIX Unleashes Innovation: Elevating Comprehensive Energy Solution at Milan MCE 2024

PHNIX, a prominent player in the HVAC industry, is set to make a grand return at the MCE Exhibition in Milan from March 12 to 15. Recognized as a premier global event for the HVAC sector, MCE serves as a platform for companies to showcase groundbreaking innovations in heating, cooling, and energy efficiency solutions.

After two years since the 2022 edition, PHNIX considers this year’s MCE Exhibition as a pivotal moment in its 2024 calendar. Since 2023, PHNIX has been introducing a comprehensive energy solution that integrates heating, cooling, and hot water services. In 2024, the company will elevate and expand upon this solution, offering a hands-on experience through a dedicated experience cabin. Three key products, including the multi-functional water tank, hydraulic fan coil, and R290 Everest Series air-to-water heat pump, will be operational for visitors to witness. Technical experts from PHNIX European service center and headquarter will be present to address inquiries, providing clients with an in-depth understanding of PHNIX’s solutions.

As regards the exhibits, PHNIX will showcase three flagship products:

  • R290 Everest Series Air to Water Heat Pump:
    • Superior efficiency. Its SCOP can reach above 5.0.
    • Ultra-silent. Reaching as low as 39.5 dB(A), it ensures a serene environment for users.
    • EVI technology. It delivers outstanding performance even in extreme conditions.
  • R290 airExpert All-in-One Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump:
    • SG-ready certified. It can respond to grid demands through intelligent control systems, enabling more efficient utilization of energy.
    • Stable and ultra-quiet performance. Its noise pressure levels is as low as 35.5 decibels for an undisturbed living space.
  • R290 HeatGreen Commercial Air to Water Heat Pump:
    • Hybrid Function. It seamlessly integrates with boilers, offering flexibility in usage for commercial applications.
    • Cascade Control. One central display can manage up to 16 units, providing flexibility and convenience.

In a creative display, PHNIX’s commercial heat pump will incorporate virtual reality (VR) for an immersive product presentation. Building on the success of its VR showcase at the Chicago AHR Exhibition in January, PHNIX aims to elevate the VR experience for MCE attendees. Those eager to explore the world of PHNIX’s commercial heat pumps through VR should not miss this exciting exhibition at Hall 3, Booth K49 L50.