PG-RAHU expands scope and re-elects Chairpersons

During its last meeting, the Eurovent Product Group ‘Residential Air Handling Units’ expanded its scope and re-elected Xavier Boulanger (ALDES) and Jaroslav Chlup (2VV) as its Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson for the next term.

The Product Group changed its name to PG-RVS (Residential Ventilation Systems) during the group’s last meeting, which took place on 17 May 2023. The approach extends the scope of the group to include components of residential ventilation systems such as ducts, IAQ sensors, VAV valves and UVU’s. The group also held its Chairperson elections during the meeting, and re-elected both Xavier Boulanger and Jaroslav Chlup unanimously for their positions. Boulanger will be serving his third term as the Chairperson of the group, and Chlup continuing his Vice-Chairperson position for seventh consecutive year, after having been initially elected in September 2016. The Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson are elected for a two-year term by the group participants.

After his re-election as the Chairperson, Xavier Boulanger stated: “It is an honour for me to be re-elected as the group Chairperson and have its participants bestow their trust on me once again. PG-RVS members decided to expand the Product Group scope to include system components and UVU, and to change its name from PG-RAHU (Residential Air Handling Units) to PG-RVS (Residential Ventilation Systems). With so much at stake in the circular economy, it is our responsibility to ensure that any measures are harmonised across the EU and do not lead to the creation of trade barriers between different Member States through one-off national circular economy and sustainability measures.”

He further mentioned: “It is important for our residential ventilation group to lobby for a higher penetration rate for ventilation by acting on European directives such as the EPBD, and to help communicate on the IAQ performance of products and on their direct or induced thermal performance. This group is also a forum for discussions that should help to develop both new testing methods and guidelines to ensure that suitable ventilation systems are used in buildings, so that both air quality and thermal performance can be verified.”

Jaroslav Chlup added: “I am looking forward to a wider and even better Product Group dealing with the whole ventilation system, including all components, with the residential ventilation unit at its heart. So we are changing to PG-RVS. I believe that our work in the future will contribute to a better and clearer legislation and standardisation in our area.”

The Eurovent Product Group ‘Residential Ventilation Systems’ covers residential ventilation units (bidirectional and unidirectional) and other elements of residential ventilation systems (ductwork, IAQ sensors, VAV valves). It deals with the ventilation units themselves and their components (e.g. air filters, energy recovery components, fans). The group’s main tasks are advocacy on European and national legislation, EN, ISO and Eurovent standardisation development.