Oyster Launches the World’s First High-Performance Cooler Featuring Patented Vacuum Construction

After six years of intensive research and development, Norwegian brand Oyster launches today with the release of its inaugural product. Oyster Tempo, the world’s first high-performance cooler, ushers in a new era of thermal performance, usability and sustainability.

Oyster Tempo features a patented integrated vacuum insulation system, constructed with recyclable aluminum and chemical free Silica. To increase the cooler’s total insulating performance, Oyster identified and optimized key thermal drivers: core insulation, thermal bridge and thermal conductivity. The result, Oyster’s DLTA technology which eliminates the need for ice. Compared to the typical polyurethane cooler filled two-thirds with ice as recommended, Oyster Tempo delivers three times the internal space at nearly half the external size and stays three times colder for longer to deliver food-safe temperatures.

Whether you’re looking to keep snacks and drinks cold on your weekend adventures or preserve groceries at a safe temperature in your vehicle on days your schedule doesn’t allow you to transport them straight to the fridge, the ground-breaking performance of the Oyster Tempo expands the usage possibilities of a traditional cooler to fit every lifestyle.

“The Oyster Tempo delivers maximum performance in a minimalist, eco-friendly cooler design,” said Ole Christian Sandberg, CEO of Oyster. “At Oyster, we are developing a new generation of products that help solve environmental challenges instead of creating new ones.”

The innovation and expertise embedded in the Oyster Tempo is evident in the details and practical user-friendly features. It is designed to be taken apart without tools in order to clean, repair and recycle. The removable lid makes it easy to both clean the cooler and access its contents from both sides while the carrying strap and easy-grip handle offer different carry options.

The Oyster team meticulously engineered every part of the Oyster Tempo to balance space, weight, durability and thermal performance. To radically improve the performance of traditional coolers, the team studied lightweight materials and high tech insulation systems. The resulting DLTA system is revolutionary, but isn’t limited to coolers. The Oyster team believes it can be used for medicine, organ transport and other advancements in the future.

“At Oyster, our hope is to inspire others to challenge the status quo and see a world of opportunity at the intersection of technology, adventure and the environment,” said Ian Sandmæl, Oyster Chief Design Officer and co-founder. “We invite you to try our first product, the thermal performance Oyster Tempo cooler, and imagine the potential of what is possible.”

Oyster Tempo Specs
External Dimensions: W 19.4″,  H 12.6″,  D 11.6″  without handle
Internal Dimensions: 24.3 Quarts / 5 Gallons / 36 beverage cans
Weight: 12.3 pounds
First Edition MSRP: $500 includes two custom ice packs, carrying handle and carrying strap
Warranty:  Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty

About Oyster

Oyster is revolutionizing temperature sensitive storage, to help solve global challenges with the distribution of food, vaccines and medical supplies. In 2023, after six years of research and development, the brand introduced the world’s first fully recyclable performance cooler to the consumer market. The patented vacuum insulated technology provides a 600% increase in thermal insulation compared to traditional cooler technology, enabling the first truly ice-free, high-performance cooler, with three times the load capacity of traditional coolers.  The company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway with a manufacturing facility at Raufoss, Norway. Oyster is fully committed to move the world forward through responsible ground breaking technology. To learn more, visit www.oystercooler.com