OWELD – 40 years of excellence and experience

Diego Andreetta, Group Sales Director in Oxyweld

Oxyweld, with its Oweld brand, celebrates its 40th anniversary, an important milestone for a company that has shaped the history of brazing.

OXYWELD headquarters in the province of Pordenone, Italy, is a company specialized in the production and export of oxyhydrogen gas generators for brazing. The company launched its challenge to the market in 1981, when it was formed mixing the electronic and mechanic competences of the funder, Enrico Andreetta. These green technologies produce oxy-hydrogen gas (oxygen + hydrogen) from water.

In this 2021 Oxyweld marks the 40th Anniversary, an important milestone that sees the company at forefront of innovation in refrigeration and air conditioning industry. In fact it supports thousands companies across the world, from small OEMs to large multinationals, to improve their quality in pipe brazing process.
After months of preparation, Oxyweld now supports several producers of freezers for Covid-19 vaccines storage, where brazing activity is crucial for a good functioning.

We’re in the time of technology disruption ” says Diego Andreetta, Group Sales Directorwhy not combine quality, safety and innovation in a conservative market to deliver a great experience to customers? And this is what Oxyweld is doing, firstly introducing the concept of eco-friendly brazing where everybody can take advantage. The market is responding well, with great interest, because high quality and specialization is required” concludes Diego Andreetta.

The main advantages in shifting from gas cylinders to Oweld oxyhydrogen gas generators are:

  • No handling of gas cylinders, racks and no risk of explosion.
  • Stronger joints and less leaks in after sales.
  • Faster brazing, at least double.
  • Process standardization.
  • No specialized welders required.
  • No storage of gas, but only on demand.
  • Low working pressure.
  • No optical radiations from the flame.
  • No C02 emissions.
  • Flexible and easy installation.