Norwegian ventilation manufacturer joins Eurovent

Covent AS has formally joined Eurovent as a Corresponding Member. With this newest member, the Eurovent family grows by one of Norway’s leading manufacturers specialised in the field of ventilation.

Covent was established in 1972 and, since the 90s, it has had a major focus on housing ventilation units and expanding its design and fabrication of air handling units for indoor and outdoor installation, for onshore and offshore market production. Covent has their headquarters located in Bjerkreim, which produces CK indoor and outdoor units for different types of buildings, as well as technical rooms and rooftop units. The company acquired their first Eurovent certification in 2000.

Following the approval of the membership, Mr Juan Silvera, Technical Manager of Covent, states “We are honoured to be member of a European industry association which is fully oriented towards achieving energy efficiency and sustainable solutions that enable a better quality of life in Europe and beyond. We are delighted to be on the same playing field with other important members of the Eurovent family in achieving environmentally sustainable solutions and look forward to working well with them.