Nidec Motors Co. Joins the Carrier Alliance Supplier Program

Carrier Global Corporation, a leading global provider of healthy, safe and sustainable building and cold chain solutions, is proud to announce that Nidec Motors has joined the Carrier Alliance program and signed a strategic long-term agreement with Carrier. The agreement specifies that Nidec Motors will supply Carrier-branded OEM and replacement motors across Carrier’s HVAC and Refrigeration portfolios in North America, Europe and Asia.

We are excited to enter into this strategic relationship with Nidec Motors and are pleased to welcome them as one of the newest Carrier Alliance suppliers,” said Ed Dunn, Vice President, Supply Chain, Carrier. “Through the Alliance program, Carrier is able to work with industry-leading suppliers, who can support Carrier’s innovation, global footprint, leadership in quality and cost, and commitment to diversity and sustainability.

Nidec Motors supplies high-performing motor solutions for Carrier transport refrigeration and residential furnace systems. Recently, Nidec Motors also began supplying motors for the award-winning OptiClean™ Dual-Mode Air Scrubber & Negative Air Machine, which was developed to help convert normal hospital rooms into airborne infectious isolation rooms, and can also be used as an air scrubber by pulling air in, removing many contaminants, and discharging cleaner air back into the space.

Designed to optimize and strengthen the supply chain and help drive cost savings, Carrier launched the Carrier Alliance program to help provide certainty, security and growth opportunities for Carrier and its key suppliers. Joining the Carrier Alliance program is a win-win for Carrier and Nidec Motors, establishing Nidec Motors as a key supplier for Carrier’s HVAC and Refrigeration businesses.

Nidec is very proud to join the select group of suppliers that form the Carrier Alliance. We look forward to applying Nidec’s passion, enthusiasm, and tenacity to help drive value for Carrier and contribute to their continued success,” said David Buckley, President, Commercial and Industrial Motors, Nidec.