Nidec Global Appliance celebrates Embraco’s 50 years anniversary

Today, March 10th, Nidec Global Appliance celebrates the anniversary of one of its brands: Embraco, a name globally known as a reference in refrigeration technology for the home appliances and commercial cold chain since 1971. The product brand completes half a century of its innovative approach and is ready to refresh the future.

After being acquired by Nidec Corporation, in July 2019, Embraco was integrated into the Nidec Global Appliance division, gaining a structure to accelerate growth. Nidec Global Appliance is organized  into three business units (BU): Home Appliances, Commercial Appliances and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning). This segmentation  gives Embraco the opportunity to operate with a more dedicated focus on specific market segments, strengthening its customer centric approach and improving  its portfolio of compressors and condensing units.

Embraco is a brand that is present in more than 80 countries, stamped on 1 of every 5 hermetic compressors used in the world. It gets to its 50th birthday being known worldwide for the innovation, quality and reliability of its products. This reputation was constructed for being a pioneer: whether it be launching the first reciprocating compressor running with natural refrigerants such as R600a, in 1994, or the first compressor using variable speed technology, in 1998.


Now, Embraco celebrates its anniversary launching the “Refresh the Future” campaign, with a video that reinforces the brand’s positioning while underlining the brand main attributes: pioneering, innovation, deep expertise and cutting edge technology.

Anchored on the concept that “refresh” means “renovate” and to bring new ideas into life, the campaign highlights Embraco’s attitude of anticipating trends and delivering the kind of innovation that drives the refrigeration market all over the world. The video also strengthens the fact that Embraco delivers high performance and energy efficient solutions in refrigeration, and, most importantly, solutions that help customers to improve their own products and businesses.

See the main milestones of this history in the timeline below and check the video of the campaign here.  



1971 (10/03). Pioneer in Brazil: Creation of Embraco brand to respond to the national demand  for compressors.

1974 PW, the first compressor launched.

1982 Starts the partnership with universities.

1987 EM compressor launch, currently the best selling compressors in the world.
North America office established.

1988  Foundry unit (Brazil)

1990 Components & Cooling factory (Brazil)

1994 Pioneer: compressors using natural refrigerants.
Aspera brand acquisition (Italy).

1995 Beijing compressors factory (China).

1997 Slovakia compressors factory.

1998 Pioneer: launch of Variable Speed Compressor (VCC).

2003 Electronic components factory (China).

2006 Start of Embraco’s condensing units portfolio.

2010 Launch of VES family – the most efficient compressor of Embraco portfolio.

2011 Mexico compressors factory.

Launch of the New Embraco brand logo: 2016 Plug n’ Cool launch, a complete refrigeration system for commercial applications.

2018 Sliding and BIOMA condensing units launch.

2019 Embraco becomes a product brand after being acquired by Nidec Corporation.

2020 ES and FMS launch: the first Embraco compressors in the sub-mini category.

2021 1 out of 5 hermetic compressors in the world is Embraco. Annual Global Capacity: 45 million compressors and condensing units.