Newly Developed SANHUA R744 Solutions

SANHUA enhanced Pressure Transmitter YCQ range with many new models suitable for all the main applications and refrigerants including A2L and R744.

A special focus to the innovative Pressure Transducer designed for a reliable and safe installation in Sub-Critical and Trans-Critical R744 systems. The new range of pressure sensor includes models with a design pressure (PS) of 90bar (suitable for all the sub-critical positions) and models with a PS of 150bar for trans-critical installations. From the new range, can be selected ratiometric models with output signal in volts or models with a current signal 4-20mA; almost all the YCQx models guarantee a full compatibility with the Sanhua EEV Controller SEC61x and the possibility to complete the full Sanhua solution for the management of the DPF/LPF uni-polar stepper valves.

Sanhua also extends newly developed electronic expansion valve ranges LPF and DPF to:
• DPF-R for CO2 with max pressure = 140 bar
• LPF-D for CO2 with max pressure = 60 bar
• LPF series is extended with new sizes LPF30 & LPF32 which use the same coils PQ-M24.
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