New Sales Partnership Between CAP2i and Efficient Energy

Efficient Energy, the German clean tech pioneer for sustainable refrigeration technology, and CAP2i, the French provider of turnkey heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions, have entered into a partnership for the distribution of Efficient Energy’s eChiller refrigeration systems in France. CAP2i is now diversifying its product and service portfolio of environmentally friendly refrigeration systems with the climate-neutral eChiller machines that use water as a refrigerant.

Rising demand for natural refrigerants in France

The European refrigerant market is undergoing a fundamental transformation. As a consequence of the EU’s F-Gas Regulation for reducing CO2 emissions, the traditional hydrofluorocarbon-based (HFCs) refrigerants used in the refrigeration industry are gradually being restricted. Refrigeration system operators are having to rethink their strategies to meet tightening environmental, safety and energy efficiency requirements. Accordingly, demand for climate-friendly refrigeration solutions is also growing in France.

The French refrigeration market is a very important one for us, as we are sensing rising demand for natural refrigerants and climate-friendly refrigeration technology here. We are therefore delighted to have acquired such an experienced HVAC provider as CAP2i as a capable partner in France,” comments Efficient Energy’s Sales Manager France, Laurence Roy. “We will benefit from CAP2i’s many years of experience and market know-how and are confident our eChiller refrigeration machines will convince French operators as regards performance, energy efficiency and investment security.”

CAP2i is continually striving to offer the latest HVAC innovations and technologies and to install cost-effective refrigeration solutions. With the eChiller product series, we will be able to offer a truly unique climate-friendly refrigeration solution on the French market. The eChiller’s free cooling module allows system operators to intelligently regulate their energy needs and thus significantly reduce energy costs,” adds Président Directeur Général of CAP2i, Erik Sabatier.

eChiller – the most sustainable chillers worldwide

As a pioneer in the area of environmentally friendly refrigeration technology, Efficient Energy will be producing its entire eChiller product series as climate-neutral refrigeration machines from 2022 onwards. As such, the clean tech company is worldwide the refrigeration industry’s only supplier to produce refrigeration systems that are factually climate neutral, and thereby enable its customers to take further steps towards a climate-neutral industry. This is because, by combining the use of water as a refrigerant with green electricity, operators achieve truly climate-neutral refrigeration, letting them cut their carbon footprints in this area to zero.

Water as a refrigerant

By using Bluezero® technology in its eChiller product range, the clean tech pioneer lets water be used as a climate-neutral refrigerant, making it possible to dispense with environmentally harmful F-gases entirely. The technology is ideal for cooling data centres and server rooms, industrial processes, machinery and in technical air conditioning.