New Eurovent PG-RDC Vice-Chairperson

The Eurovent Product Group ‘Commercial Refrigeration Equipment’ (PG-RDC) has elected Victor Gomara (R&D Director, Koxka) as its new Vice-Chairperson. The elections took place during the group’s online meeting on 10 May 2023.

Victor Gomara succeeds Jesus Beraza (Chief Commercial Officer Europe, Middle East, Africa & Oceania, Koxka) as the Vice-Chairperson and will be supporting Maurizio Orlandi, Chairperson of the group, in his new role. Victor brings forth great value to the group, as he has been involved in Eurovent for more than 20 years with valuable experience in product performance, refrigeration system design and components selection, as well as knowledgeable expertise on the implementation of Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Regulation.

Upon being elected, Victor Gomara expressed: “I would like to thank the PG-RDC participants for the trust placed in me. This Product Group is composed of the major experts in commercial refrigeration, representing the most important European industries, therefore it is an honour to take this new role as Vice-Chairperson.”

He further added: “Over the years, we have demonstrated an attitude of proactivity and commitment regarding incoming regulations. We have provided valuable information to legislators. We have clarified and harmonised the interpretation of these new requirements, helping the industry and the market. As a result, we have effectively promoted the use of more efficient solutions, that not only benefit our customers, but also contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions. I am fully convinced that, by continuing this way, we are strengthening our industry worldwide, and helping to protect the environment for future generations significantly.”

The Eurovent Product Group ‘Commercial Refrigeration Equipment’ (PG-RDC) covers refrigerated display cabinets (remote and integral units), walk-in cold rooms, commercial beverage coolers, ice-cream freezers and refrigeration packs. It is the largest European working group of commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturers, and the group is supported by the Eurovent Member Associations on a national level.