New Eurovent certification programme announced

Eurovent Certita Certification (ECC) has developed a new certification programme for Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency of Ventilation Systems (IAQVS) for residential applications. The programme covers mechanical ventilation systems for single dwellings (single family homes and apartments). Kick off online meetings are planned for 04, 12 and 20 May 2021.

The new ECC certification programme IAQVS was developed with the contribution of a dedicated Launching Committee. The technical certification rules have already been developed and are available on the ECC website. It covers the following systems:

  • Central, unidirectional (supply or exhaust)
  • Central, bidirectional (balance ventilation)
  • Single-room, unidirectional (decentralised continuous ventilation for supply or exhaust)
  • Single-room, bidirectional (balance ventilation)

The ventilation system is evaluated through simulations which enable to assess the ventilation system performance from both Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency perspectives.

Kick off meetings

Three online kick off meetings are planned to explain the content of the new certification programme (as prepared by the Launching Committee). These meetings will take place via MS Teams and are open to all manufacturers that produce equipment that is covered by the certification programme.

Interested manufacturers are invited to participate to one of the planned sessions. To indicate your attendance, answer the corresponding Outlook invitation (located in the ‘Related documents’ section in the right sidebar). Registered participants will receive the meeting presentation after the session.

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