New Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Eurovent PG-CUR

The Eurovent Product Group ‘Air Curtains’ (PG-CUR) has elected Carsten Dittmar (Systemair) as its new Chairman and Michael Hims (Carver) as the new Vice-Chairman. The election took place during the Product Group meeting at the 2022 Eurovent Summit in Antalya, Türkiye.

Carsten Dittmar, Commercial Product Area Director at Systemair, was elected as the new Chairman of the Product Group during its meeting on 25 October 2022 in Antalya. He has extensive experience in managing projects in the sector of building technologies, heating and ventilation. He will be supported by Michael Hims, the elected Vice-Chairman. The European NPD Manager at Carver Climate Systems has obtained experience in developing standards at international and national level for fans and air curtains development.

The new Chairman Carsten Dittmar stated: “Air curtains enable the separation of different climatic areas between inside and outside, but also within a building. Air curtains are efficient solutions that allow significant energy savings, and this must be placed in the various areas, not only for planners and contractors, but also for decision-makers at the normative and political level. I am pleased to be able to advance this technology on the normative side as part of the Team and thus to be able to build on the work done by my predecessors.

In addition, the new Vice-Chairman Michael Hims stated: “Air curtains are a great simple product that building owners can use to save energy, reduce costs and improve IAQ. As with most HVAC products however, the wrong selection can to suboptimal performance. I thank the Eurovent members for giving me the opportunity to working with Carsten and the wider Eurovent community on standardising how we test the products in the design stage, help promote their correct selection and application, and on a broader level, raise their profile and the benefits they bring within the industry.

The Eurovent Product Group ‘Air Curtains’ (PG-CUR) is the only dedicated committee on air curtain technologies within the EMEA region and it covers air curtain units for commercial, industrial and cold storage purposes (over-door heaters are out of the scope). It is the largest group of air curtain unit manufacturers worldwide and is supported by Eurovent Member Associations on a national level.