New Advancer Hybrid Trailer Units from Thermo King

Thermo KingĀ®, a leader in transport temperature control solutions and a brand of Trane Technologies, announced today the new Advancer Hybrid refrigeration units, the latest addition to the Advancer A-Series trailer range. The Advancer Hybrid technology is now available across the full Advancer range: A-360, A-400, A-500, and the A-500 Whisper Pro.

Seamlessly switching between the primary electric operating mode to engine power when needed, the Advancer Hybrid units combine Thermo Kingā€™s high-performance trailer refrigeration with Frigoblock electric technology. The result translates into enhanced sustainability performance and operational efficiencies for transporters across both their long-haul and inner-city operations.

ā€œAdvancer Hybrid is designed to give our customers maximum choice and flexibility when it comes to meeting their sustainability commitments,ā€ said Colm Oā€™Grady, Product Leader Trailer at Thermo King. ā€œThermo King Hybrid technology has already been successfully used to reduce emissions of truck and trailer operations in urban areas and low emission zones. Today, enabling the Hybrid technology on Advancer units, our customers continue to get the best of both worlds. They benefit from highly sustainable, unmatched performance and fuel-efficiency in long-haul runs and always-compliant inner-city deliveries.ā€

Delivering sustainability to every destinationĀ Ā 

Featuring connectivity and telematics as standard, the unit is using geo-fencing to automatically switch into Hybrid electric mode when entering a pre-defined zone. This allows the fleet managers to operate unrestricted day and night schedules with the peace of mind that the unit complies with the regulations in the given area.

When paired with the Advancer A-500 Whisper Pro, even when the unitā€™s diesel engine is operating, the system operates with sound level below the PIEK enforced 60dB (A) standard and allows access to the most noise restricted inner-city zones.

For fleet managers, the Advancer Hybrid enables greater utility and efficiency of operation, which in turn opens new commercial and operational opportunities. Drivers benefit from the automatic and smooth transition from one drive technology to the other, guaranteeing that their Transport Refrigeration Unit is always delivering the refrigeration performance needed for their application.

Sustaining our customersā€™ profit margins

Ā The Thermo King Hybrid technology also delivers a range of impressive operational benefits. Companies with demanding distribution operations can save over 50% of fuel cost per year and benefit from the associated CO2 savings.Advancer Hybrid is also compatible with alternative tractor energy sources like HVO and LNG. By cutting engine operating hours and relying more on electric power, the technology helps keep the refrigeration unit in prime condition for longer – Ā a value extended further by the associated reduction in maintenance stops and a measurable improvement in the equipmentā€™s lifespan.

ā€œAs refrigerated transportation continues to adapt to a wide range of customer and legislative demands, innovation remains vital for future-proofing our customersā€™ fleets,ā€ says Colm Oā€™Grady. ā€œWith Advancer Hybrid weā€™re delivering technology thatā€™s able to adapt to a wide variety of roles to help maximize our customerā€™s commercial and environmental objectivesā€.