Modine Coatings, a division of Modine Manufacturing Company (NYSE: MOD), a leader in corrosion resistant coatings technology in the HVAC industry, will showcase their innovative GulfCoat™ technology during the AHR Expo from Jan. 31 to Feb. 2. Known for their ElectroFin® E-Coat and Insitu® Spray Applied Coatings, Modine will unveil GulfCoat™ AM anti-microbial and GulfCoat™ Circuit Shield products at booth C3524 during the event.

GulfCoat™ AM is a spray-applied antimicrobial coil coating that utilizes silver ions from the Agion® compound to inhibit the growth of bacteria, molds, fungi and other microbes and deliver long-lasting antimicrobial protection for a wide range of high-performance HVAC/R applications. Agion® is designed to automatically release its antimicrobial components only when conditions for bacteria growth are present. The spray also protects against deterioration caused by mildew, staining and discoloration due to mildew growth and microbial odor development.

GulfCoat™ Circuit Shield corrosion-resistant coating is specifically designed for the protection of circuit boards that are used in outdoor environments. Invented to help protect service equipment circuit boards from early default, the product can protect HVAC equipment, elevator control panels, telecommunications equipment and more. The circuit shield coating was formulated to improve adhesion, moisture resistance, UV protection and corrosion resistance and remain reliable in even the harshest conditions. Modine will also have two other coatings on display at the Expo: GulfClean™ Coatings Warranty Protection and GulfClean™ Contractor Series Coil Coating.

In addition, Modine Coatings will also display its color modified ElectroFin® AT product, an immersion conversion coating that provides corrosion protection for all-aluminum coils in mild to moderate corrosive environments. The ElectroFin® AT product is a nano-scale conversion coating, which uniformly covers the entire surface of the coil. The coating is flexible and integral to micro channel and to all aluminum round tube coils and will not flake or lose adhesion. Modine’s Aluminum Treatment provides corrosion protection ranging from C1 to C3 environments including urban and industrial atmospheres, moderate sulfur dioxide pollution and coastal areas with low salinity. Originally a transparent coating, ElectroFin® AT has been modified to include color for visibility.

At Modine, we are revolutionizing the industry by obsessively innovating new solutions to protect HVAC units against severe corrosion, better satisfying the needs of our customers across the nation,” said Daniel Fisher, director of sales and marketing for Modine Coatings. “The products on display at the AHR Expo will showcase our commitment to providing our customers with the necessary solutions to keep both their own HVAC units and those they service maintained and operating at optimal levels. No names are more synonymous with quality and service than our ElectroFin® and Insitu® products. In addition, we are confident that our exciting new GultCoat™ AM and Circuit Shield products will continue our commitment to high quality standards.”