Midea Unveils The Midea U – The World’s First U-Shaped Inverter Air Conditioner

Quieter and Cooler with Smart Control Features, the New Midea U Allows Consumers to Open the Window!

Warm weather is officially on the horizon, which for most, means it’s time to install window air conditioners. Although window air conditioners are an affordable cooling option, many people find them to be a hassle. According to extensive consumer research conducted by Midea, the world’s number one air treatment company*, consumers are most concerned with installation, cooling performance and energy efficiency. Midea also found that more than 70 percent of consumers would like to open the window where a window air conditioner is installed which is not something traditional window units can accommodate.

Keeping these insights front and center, Midea’s research and development team took an innovative approach and decided to not only reinvent the window air conditioner category, but also provide consumers with a smart and simple solution to better their overall user experience. Enter Midea U – the world’s first u-shaped inverter air conditioner. Midea U’s innovative design enables users to easily install the unit, as well as freely open and close the window when it is in place. It also offers a variety of benefits including whisper quiet operation, the highest efficiency in an AC in the category, quick and powerful cooling, and smart controls.

Our primary focus at Midea is to improve our consumers’ daily lives through thoughtful and innovative technology to address their real concerns,” said Kurt Jovais, President of Midea America Corp. “By combining the consumer insights we collected with our local and global R&D capabilities, the idea for Midea U was born. We’re especially proud of its unique design which is unlike anything in the market; especially its ability to allow customers to use their windows which is something traditional window AC units are not capable of.”


Unlike other window AC units, Midea U’s patented design allows unparalleled flexibility. Gone are the days of installing a window unit and not being able to open the window when it is in use. The compact u-shaped design of the Midea U enables the window to open and close normally so users can get fresh air whenever they need it.

Midea U’s exclusive design also blocks the operating noise outside, as well as compressor sounds. This allows for ultra-quiet operation as low as 42dBA which is almost as quiet as a library, and up to nine times quieter than traditional window AC units.

Installation is quick and easy with just three steps. First, users install the included quick-snap bracket. Then, they will set the unit on the bracket. Finally, secure the adjustable sidearms and close the window. And don’t worry about security – the window is also secured by an anti-theft mechanism while closed. This feature locks the Midea U to the window frame and another lock that prevents it from being raised from the outside. Midea U also comes with an additional window sash lock that can be installed for extra security.

At Midea, we are committed to bringing great innovations to life and providing consumers with smarter appliances that not only improve upon, but fit into their lives seamlessly,” said Vincent Chou, Vice President of Midea’s Residential Air Conditioner Division. “We will continue to be global leaders in the category as Midea U is the first of a new generation of products to come.”


Due to the u-shaped design, Midea U has a stronger airflow than traditional units. Users can feel the cold air blowing up to 20 feet away and with its full DC inverter technology, the Midea U can cool spaces within seconds of being powered on. It is available in three cooling capacities from 8,000 to 12,000 BTU/h, ideal for cooling rooms up to 550 square feet.


Midea U is the first window AC to obtain the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2020 certification. It provides cooling up to 12,000 BTU/h with a record-breaking low estimated yearly energy cost as low as $58, which is more than 35 percent less than similar models already on the market. This is possible due to its patented inverter technology, which enables it to do more with considerably less electricity than traditional window AC units.


With Wi-Fi, users can effortlessly control Midea U via the MideaAir smartphone app which is available for iOS and Android devices. The MideaAir app brings cloud-based control to any smartphone or tablet in and out of the home or business. Users can remotely check and change the temperature, select modes and fan speeds, and even program a cooling schedule. It will also respond to voice commands through Google and Alexa enabled devices.

For more information on Midea U or the company’s full range of residential air conditioners and appliances, please visit Midea.com.