LU-VE Group: new production line for natural fluids

Already in 2004 LU-VE Group constructed products that use natural refrigerant fluids (CO2, NH3, HC) as an alternative to traditional HFCs.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is increasingly used as a radical solution to eliminate the greenhouse effect caused by halogenated hydrocarbons .

To meet growing demand, LU-VE Group has installed a new production line in its plant in Limana (Belluno) specifically for products that use CO2 and propane, with the plan to install another one dedicated to the production of machines that use natural refrigerant fluids.

These products, mainly intended for the world of commercial refrigeration and developed through co-design activities with the Group’s major partners, are aimed at replacing traditional heat exchangers that use HFC refrigerants.

LU-VE Group has for several years been promoting the replacement of products using high environmental impact refrigerants with products that are suitable instead for the use of low GWP refrigerants, absolutely in tune with the next steps of the F-GAS legislation expected as early as 2022.

The use of a 3/8″ diameter tube instead of the traditional 16mm or 12mm size makes these exchangers suitable both for use with refrigerants that operate at high operating pressures (CO2) and with flammable refrigerants (HC) where it is essential by law to limit the amount of refrigerant charge.

Last but not least, the miniaturization of the tube diameter is part of a process of optimization not only of the performance of the exchanger, but also of its cost. This aspect is of great importance especially in the current historic moment where the prices of commodities such as copper have reached record levels.