LU-VE Group: first Eurovent certification for CO2

At the end of 2020, LU-VE Group was among the very first companies that achieved the Eurovent certification (N°00.10.214) for CO2 air coolers of the ranges marketed with LU-VE Exchangers and AIA LU-VE trademarks.
In 2016, it was the first manufacturer for which Eurovent officially certified that the heat exchangers for the refrigeration of LU-VE Exchangers never registered a single negative test, in the course of three different test cycles (from 2011 to 2015).
In 2000, LU-VE was the first company in Europe that achieved the, at that time new, “Certify All” certification by Eurovent, for all the ranges of condensers, dry coolers and air coolers. In these twenty years, LU-VE products have passed all laboratory tests established by the certification procedure, which provides for an annual verification of some range models, randomly selected by Eurovent and tested by specialized international institutes.

Shifting the CO2 equator
In the case of CO2, the new challenge is shifting “the equator of CO2” and making this technology efficient also in Countries where it was impossible before. LU-VE Group is in the forefront in this case, too. Together with international institutes and universities, it is collaborating with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to increment the use of natural fluids, as replacement of greenhouse effect ones. To that end, they have implemented pilot plants in India and in Middle East, in areas where they thought the climatic conditions made the use of CO2 impossible or very hard.