LU-VE Group continues its virtuous path in the field of sustainability

The virtuous path of LU-VE Group continues in the area of sustainability. The Italian multinational, listed on the Euronext Milan market, is the third largest operator in the world in the air heat exchanger sector. It has received two important awards that certify its commitment to projects and initiatives aimed at promoting increasingly sustainable and green development.

The Group received the “Green Star” award for the second consecutive year, excelling among the 300 companies that have distinguished themselves the most in the field of sustainability in Italy, according to research conducted by the ITQF Institute. The analysis was conducted independently on 2000 Italian companies through the social listening technique which, thanks to sophisticated software and artificial intelligence, has made it possible to collect over one million online citations on the green impact of companies on the basis of 30 criteria, including ecological, economic and social sustainability, innovation and technology.

The strong orientation towards sustainability that characterizes the choices of LU-VE Group has also guaranteed it access to the classification “Leader of Sustainability 2022“, a selection of the 200 Italian companies that have best managed to integrate conscious environmental, social and economic choices into their business practices. Conducted by Statista, the research took into consideration over 1,500 reports from companies operating in Italy, focusing on the three macro-areas of sustainability: environmental, social and corporate governance.

“It’s the grey matter that matters most. This does not refer only to the products but it is the thought that guides us to keep the commitments undertaken towards our collaborators and the communities in which we operate, to promote human growth, professional and otherwise. It is a principle that we have been applying for 36 years, since our foundation. These awards make us very happy because they underline that this is the right way to go ”declared Iginio Liberali, President of LU-VE Group. “We are constantly engaged in the development of products and processes with low environmental impact, using technological innovation as a strategic lever and exporting our model also abroad. We have always done this and it has allowed us to be competitive in the market and recognized as a reference player in our sector. Sustainability is not a cost but an investment and as such can no longer be neglected. Now ESG issues have become ‘fashionable’, but this approach is our duty: we owe it above all to future generations. For LU-VE Group it is an essential principle, not a finishing line but a starting point “.