Longofrigo: green cooling for Heineken in Aosta

The modernization and redevelopment work of the NH3 refrigeration systems are in full swing, at the Sima plant in Pollein (Aosta). Sima, a company of Heineken Italia is dedicated to the production of beer and a variety of other drinks.

In a note, Heineken itself explained the reason of the upgrade: “The area around the company has profoundly evolved since 1992 (year of construction of the current NH3 refrigeration system) and has attracted many companies and businesses. Hence the decision to adapt the refrigeration systems to the changing production and in view of the future developments, as well as the specific attention to energy consumption”.

A profound redevelopment of the refrigeration system was therefore required “with no interruption in the use of anhydrous ammonia as a cryogenic gas” – as reported in the note.

In addition to the complete revamping of the old infrastructure, the new supply includes the installation of a 741 kW, -1/+35° C screw compressor with priority operation on the process water circuit and secondary on the glycol water circuit; and three 1024 kW, -10/+35° C screw compressors with priority operation on the process glycol water circuit and secondary on the process water circuit.

The PLC of each unit is also going to be used for to acquire, display, record and send via network to the central control systems of the factory, a set of measured parameters“, the company continues, and explains that great attention has been paid to commissioning in safety the new engine room that is distributed over three floors, i.e. the compressors on the ground floor, the tanks and heat exchangers on the first floor and the evaporative condensers on the roof floor.

The work was planned and executed in such a way that the continuity of cold production and of the entire production in the factory was maintained