LIFE FRONT, an EU-funded project that aims to remove barriers to hydrocarbons and contribute to wider uptake of refrigeration, heating and air-conditioning equipment using hydrocarbon refrigerants, announces it will hold a free webinar on 10th October at 14:00 (CEST, Rome time).

The webinar will officially launch the public release of two databases considered as essential input parameters for safety standards determining – among others – the allowable refrigerant charge sizes and system design parameters: refrigerant leak size database and concentration database.

During the webinar, it will be explained how risk parameters were made realistic based on actual frequency of leaks, leak hole sizes and mass flow rates and a fundamental approach to leak time measurements.

Industry project partners will explain the reasons behind their contribution to these databases, from the points of view of commercial refrigeration and heat pumps applications.

The webinar will also look at how RACHP manufacturers can contribute to Europe’s largest leakage size database for equipment, which provides real figures to determine to which extent is safe to operate with bigger amounts of flammable refrigerants.

Daniel Colbourne, HEAT GmbH
Laure Meljac, NIBE Climate Solutions
Werner Schwaiger, AHT Cooling Systems GmbH

Experts from industry, academia, trade bodies and NGOs, can get involved in the LIFE FRONT project by joining the Standards Action Group (SAG).

The SAG group aims to look at the development of EU and international safety standards, which cover environmental, safety and product design criteria, and apply to hydrocarbon refrigerants.

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