iJS: CAREL’s new control solution for scientific applications

iJS is the new range of CAREL electronic control devices for scientific applications, developed to meet the challenges of the cold chain for the management and storage of medicines. The scientific-medical market is in continual expansion and refrigeration applications require systems that can ensure the correct temperature conditions throughout the useful life of medicines.

As scientific applications require refrigerated units that can guarantee the highest reliability in storing the products in the specified conditions, it is crucial to manage all possible situations in which the temperature is not within the designated compliance limits. Moreover, most scientific/medical regulations require the minimum and maximum temperatures reached inside the unit to be recorded at different intervals. The new iJS technological platformhas been designed to meet these precision and reliability requirements, backed by CAREL’s thirty years of know-how in the refrigeration control business.

In order to make user interaction with the controller simpler and more intuitive, the solution can be customised both in terms of aesthetics and features. The aim is to maximise reliability and performance, with specific solutions for energy saving. iJS also features complete management of a backup battery for operation even during blackouts, control of variable-speed compressors via serial line, management of modulating devices to improve energy efficiency, and humidity control for the highest quality product storage.

Ease of use is also improved by connectivity via app, allowing the temperatures to be recorded and monitored, as well as real-time interaction with the controller. The built-in connectivity options also guarantee prompt remote service and complete reports on storage temperatures, through direct connection to supervisors or the cloud via RS485 with standard Modbus protocol.

The ability to reach very low temperatures, even below -50°C, a requirement in the scientific refrigeration market, is made possible by the use of two circuits in cascade, in which the first-stage evaporator is coupled to the second-stage condenser. Dedicated logic is available on the iJS to manage both circuits simultaneously, as well as the stage activation priorities and the related alarms. iJS is also compatible with temperature probes featuring measurement ranges suitable for “ultra low temperature” applications.