ICS Cool Energy Invests and Expands its Rental Cooling and Heating Fleet in Europe

ICS Cool Energy, an international market leader specialising in complete temperature control solutions for manufacturing process and facilities applications, announced that it is expanding and increasing its investment in its rental fleet in Europe. This strengthens ICS Cool Energy’s commitment to keeping the industry running by offering customers easy access to proven, reliable and efficient temporary process, critical and comfort cooling and heating solutions.

Constantly investing in the latest process cooling and heating solutions, ICS Cool Energy expects to see it’s rental fleet grow by over 20% in 2022 compared to the 2019 baseline. In 2022 alone, ICS Cool Energy plans to add significantly more chillers, Cold Stores and over portable cooling and heating units to its rental fleet. ICS Cool Energy will also expand its holding stock of i-Chiller units for fast equipment sales deliveries. The i-Chiller, unlike chillers designed for HVAC, is specifically built to cope with the rigours of manufacturing and critical processes.

The growing hire fleet will be mainly stored in the recently modernized and expanded central depot in Southampton, UK, backed up by the depots in Bradford, UK and Germany, the Netherlands and France.

For more than 30 years, ICS Cool Energy has been growing and investing to be the market leader for process temperature control,” said Dave Palmer, general manager for UK and Ireland at ICS Cool Energy. “Today, we have grown our chiller hire fleet to over 500MW at our customer’s disposal.  Our equipment capabilities and expertise enable us to quickly respond to any customers’ temporary cooling and heating needs within their process, critical or comfort applications. Our engineers can support jobs of any size from short-term to up to 9 years providing reliable, robust and economic solutions for our customers’ businesses.

Our goal is to remain at the forefront of the choices available for today’s most demanding applications. Also in light of the recent supply chain pressures, by growing our rental fleet, our capabilities and our stock of units we can help our customers relieve these pressures and keep their operations and the industry running,” concluded Dave Palmer.

ICS Cool Energy solutions are available for short or long-term hire, as well as part of the FLEX Membership, long-term exchange programme. FLEX Membership subscription offering gives customers access to the latest process heating and cooling equipment with the flexibility of an operating expense. As part of the flexible package customers receive the equipment, preventive and 24/7 emergency maintenance, replacements and upgrades for an all-inclusive monthly rate. This allows them to transform their process temperature control system from a fixed asset into a dynamic solution that will be up-to-date with their changing business and process needs.

For more information on ICS Cool Energy complete process temperature control solutions, please visit https://www.icscoolenergy.com/.