ICS Cool Energy Delivers a Record Number of Ice Rinks Across the UK Hire Solutions

ICS Cool Energy, an international market leader specialising in complete temperature control solutions for manufacturing process and facilities applications, announced that it closed the 2021/2022 season with a record number of temporary ice-rink projects successfully delivered across the UK and Channel Islands. ICS Cool Energy has worked with Rink Operators throughout the UK providing them with hire chillers, temporary power solutions, cable and distribution to supply refrigeration for the popular temporary ice-skating rinks.

Demand for ice-rink cooling keeps growing. It was particularly noticeable this year, when skaters of all ages, from across the UK, from Aberdeen to Guernsey, and from Cardiff to the Scarborough have been looking forward to have a superb experience and forget about the pandemic reality,” said Simon Ward, Hire Sales Manager at ICS Cool Energy. “After last year and all the uncertainty of the pandemic and its effect on the events industry, we didn’t want to let people down. We used all our resources to ensure that ice rinks could operate and bring much needed release for the skaters and the operating companies.”

Reliability during the hire period is a must and at ICS Cool Energy, we build in contingency in to all our packages. This includes multiple chillers, each with multiple circuits and compressors, running and standby pumps, correct system readings on pressures and temperatures, and also telemetry when required. Our hire systems have been maintained at all times to keep the ice surface fresh even in the constantly changing weather conditions, including rain, sunshine and ice-melting temperatures,” continued Simon Ward.

ICS Cool Energy has supplied cooling to customer mats from 250m2 up to 1200m2, all requiring the correct flow rate and pressure evenly across the mat. Throughout the season from November to January, a typical ice rink requires the chillers to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days per week with required cooling capacities varying from 100kW up to 480kW at a -12 degrees Celsius fluid off temperature. This duty is supplied using a glycol mix through the customers mat system.

With over 30 years of experience, our technical engineering teams have developed a wealth of know-how and experience in delivering flexible and reliable temperature control solutions for the ice-rinks and across many leisure sectors,” said Simon Ward. “We manage the full project including delivery, installation, commissioning of the equipment and 24/7 on call service throughout the hire. That’s why we’ve been the trusted partners for such extraordinary projects throughout the UK.”


With national coverage as well as across Europe, ICS Cool Energy customers benefit from one dedicated point of contact for all their temporary equipment needs and a wide range of hire solutions suitable for any type of application, including many leisure sectors.


For more information on ICS Cool Energy complete process temperature control solutions, please visit https://www.icscoolenergy.com/.