Hoshizaki: New Plant in India Started Operation

Western Refrigeration Private Limited (Western), our group company in India, has completed a new plant in Tadgam, Gujarat, India,and started production in November, 2022. This is the fourth production site in India.

With the construction of new plant, Western’s production capacity has been increased by about 15% for deep freezers and 30% for commercial refrigerators, and manage to meet the growing demand not only in India, but also in Europe, Asia and Africa.

The state of Gugarat, where the new plant locates, has a thriving manufacturing industry, stable electricity supply, and good accessto ports, making it an advantageous region in terms of logistics. And the location of new plant is about 10 km northeast of the existing Sanjan plant, which means the efficiency improvement can be expected through the utilization of management resources of twoplants, by facilitating the exchange of human resources between the two plants and the sharing of materials and finished goods warehouses.

In addition, the new plant  is  striving  to maintain  product quality  with  installed IoT technology and creating a system to collect and manage inspection data. They are also promoting automation and labor saving in our production lines to improve productivity and reduce burden on workers. In addition, in order to address climate change issues, solar panels are planned to be installed on the roof of the building to improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.

Hoshizaki group will continue to invest proactively in overseas operations, expand existing businesses, and enter new business,aiming to become the global No. 1 food service company.