Hoshizaki: Improvement of energy-saving performance of commercial refrigerators and freezers in Europe

Snowflake GII+

The European branch of the japanese company HoshizakiHoshizaki Europe B.V., has launched a new model of commercial refrigerator and freezer “Snowflake GII+”. The product became more user-friendly and environmentally friendly by reducing its energy consumption by 42% for 1 door refrigerator and by 36% for 2 doors refrigerator, compared to the former model.

Europe is one of the regions in the world where efforts to prevent global warming are most active. F-gas regulation which regulates refrigerants with a large impact on global warming has been enforced for commercial refrigerators, ahead of the rest of the world. Hoshizaki Europe B.V. has been promoting the use of natural refrigerants (R290, etc.), which have less impact on global warming, in commercial refrigerators, ice machines, and sushi cases to meet the needs for environmental contribution in the European market.

The Natural Refrigerant Mark to show the use of natural refrigerants

In addition, in order to improve customer’s awareness, “Natural Refrigerant Mark” is labeled on products that use natural refrigerants.

To meet the expectations of our European customers, Hoshizaki Europe B.V. will continue to develop products that have less impact on global warming.