Hillphoenix Adds CO2One Single-Condensing Unit to Its Growing CO2 Refrigeration System Portfolio

Hillphoenix, part of Dover Food Retail and Dover (NYSE: DOV) and a pioneer in designing environmentally sustainable refrigeration systems, has announced the addition of the CO2One™ single-condensing unit to its comprehensive portfolio of all-natural, eco-friendly products. Available in two configurations, single-condensing unit and split system, CO2One is designed to support future-focused businesses by running on natural refrigerants and providing a smaller footprint and refrigerant charge.

The addition of the CO2One condensing unit to our product line underscores our commitment to delivering products that run on all-natural refrigerants and offering our customers more environmentally-friendly alternatives for their businesses,” said Subodh Sharma, Director of Systems Product Management at Hillphoenix. “Additionally this product can be used as a direct replacement for HFC single-condensing units, which allows for compliance with the new regulations that are being put in place.

Hillphoenix’s CO2One condensing unit offers either a single-condensing or split-system configuration with low- and medium-temperature options. Its multipurpose design works with smaller footprint stores, walk-in cooler/freezers, phased remodels as well as stores that use a distributed refrigeration architecture.

The CO2One product is flexible in that it can be used for supplemental or additional capacity in a store,” stated Sharma. “It pairs well with a distributed CO2 system, offering incremental increases in capacity. The CO2One can also be applied to an existing store which is installing an additional case lineup or walk-in cooler/freezer.”

The CO2One single-condensing system uses variable-speed compression to match the demand from the existing system with an onboard controller to manage the high-side operation of the condensing unit. The split system has the same features as the condensing unit with the addition of a unit cooler and controls package to regulate box temperatures and defrost.

Either configuration lends itself to a future-focused solution based upon the current economic and environmental benefits of CO2. In addition, CO2One can be located closer to loads, which means less piping and wiring in the field and reduced potential for leaks, providing additional benefits to customers.