Hillphoenix Adds AdvansorFlex-Mini™ CO2 Refrigeration System Solution to Ecofriendly Product Portfolio

Hillphoenix, part of Dover Food Retail and Dover (NYSE: DOV) and a pioneer in designing environmentally sustainable refrigeration systems, announced the addition of AdvansorFlex-Mini™ to its ecofriendly product portfolio. The AdvansorFlex-Mini CO2 refrigeration system provides customers with a flexible solution for small-capacity operations while also meeting regulatory requirements.

Today’s regulations are phasing out high Global Warming Potential refrigerants and restricting charge amounts and creating refrigeration systems that meet these standards is a top priority for Hillphoenix,” said Sean Daley, product manager with Hillphoenix. “Our new AdvansorFlex-Mini provides customers with a flexible, natural refrigerant system alternative that is in line with the latest requirements.

With the addition of the AdvansorFlex-Mini to its CO2 systems portfolio, Hillphoenix can supply a CO2 refrigeration solution for stores of all sizes in any climate zone in North America. While the AdvansorFlex-Mini is designed for small capacity stores, it can also be utilized in supermarkets for incremental capacity. In addition, this system provides flexibility for retailers looking to convert to natural refrigerants, providing the option to remodel in phases versus needing to conduct a full-store conversion at once.

The AdvansorFlex-Mini utilizes a lower capacity, optimized rack design that can be located closer to loads, reducing piping and wiring in the field and potential for leaks. Its vertical design lends itself to a variety of placements, fitting in small machine rooms, back rooms or outdoor spaces in optional weatherproof enclosures.