Highly-efficient solutions for painting: a new white paper from CAREL

The CAREL Group has today published a new white paper on humidity, temperature and heat recovery control in painting processes, with the aim of disseminating knowledge that can be useful in reducing energy consumption and environmental impact, as well as obtain high-quality and long-lasting coatings.

Paint booths are subject to a number of national and international regulations and standards that define the essential design requirements to ensure proper operating and safety conditions for operators and equipment. To meet these requirements, it is fundamental to control the environmental conditions, not only to comply with health and safety regulations, but also to ensure a high quality result of the painting and surface coating processes. Advanced heat recovery, humidification and evaporative cooling technologies make it possible to ensure the correct environmental conditions with the highest reliability and lowest energy consumption, helping to reduce the impact on the environment and achieve the industries’ sustainability objectives.
To obtain the maximum advantage from the use of high-efficiency components, the paint booth must be equipped with controllers for integrated management of all the variables. The use of advanced logic to control and optimise operation of the components, such as modulating fans, direct expansion systems, heat pumps, adiabatic humidifiers, evaporative coolers, heat exchangers and motor-driven dampers, brings significant reductions in energy consumption, without impacting the quality of the painting process.
CAREL and the Group companies Recuperator and Klingenburg have brought together their know-how in a complete document that aims to disseminate the knowledge acquired in this market niche over 32 years, and describe how the Group’s solutions can contribute to reducing the energy consumption and carbon footprint of this application.
The ‘Highly efficient solutions for painting’ white paper is available free of charge on the CAREL website, at the link: https://www.carel.com/-highly-efficient-solutions-for-painting-white-paper