GEA Refrigeration Technologies’ experts are the stars on the stage this week at Chillventa eSpecial 2020

Sebastian Schulze (l.) and Ron Hoffmann, Product Management, interviewed by Dr. Michael Golek (Corporate Media & Press). (Foto: GEA)

Chillventa, the world’s largest industrial refrigeration trade fair, is being conducted virtually this year. As such, the event is renamed Chillventa eSpeical 2020 and, as always, GEA is a sponsor and major participant. A press conference, multiple roundtable webinars and a presentation as part of the prestigious Chillventa Congress are being conducted by top experts from GEA Refrigeration Technologies (RT).

GEA RT’s very first online press conference was held on October 14, 2020, to mark the participation of GEA RT at the Chillventa eSpecial. Discussions with trade media representatives was organized online and the studio was located in the RT Competence Center in Berlin, Germany. Many GEA experts from all over the world were connected in the GEA showroom and presented GEA’s many new technologies and solutions. It was an excellent team effort between the Refrigeration Technologies team, especially Marketing, Sales and Service, Product Management and Corporate Media & Press. And all this with a tool that is new and takes some getting used to!

The GEA team presented a large slate of   product launches and upgrades, detailed below, among others:

– GEA Grasso V HS and GEA Grasso LT compressors, both of which now have an extended speed range for more capacity.

– The GEA Grasso SP1 high pressure screw compressor package, specifically designed for subcritical CO2 refrigeration and NH3 heat pump applications.

– The GEA Blu-Red Fusion, which combines a GEA Blu chiller and a GEA Red heat pump in one smart, innovative product.

– The extended range of GEA RedAstrum heat pump models developed in response to customer feedback. Now available in smaller and larger models, including a new cascade version.

– The updated GEA Purger unit for removing non-condensable gases from cooling systems – now designed to use the natural refrigerant propane.

– The commercial launch of the GEA CompaX, the NH3 semi-hermetic screw compressor, and the GEA BluQ chiller, which is based on GEA CompaX technology and is particularly suitable for use in modern central air conditioning systems and in industrial refrigeration.

Lecture by Kenneth Hoffmann at the Chillventa Congress

In addition to the various roundtables (webinars) and the press conference, GEA also gave a presentation at the Chillventa Congress on Tuesday, October 13, which attracted much attention. The topic was “Decarbonizing district heating with heat pump technology”. The presentation was given by Kenneth Hoffmann, Product Manager Heat Pumps, GEA Refrigeration Technologies, and Svend Vinther Pedersen, Senior Consultant, The Danish Technological Institute. Of course, everything was conducted online.