GEA optimizes cooling and heating applications with expanded PR-OLEO® portfolio

GEA Heating & Refrigeration Technologies is consistently expanding its PR-OLEO® portfolio of ammonia refrigeration oils with new oils suitable for additional cooling and heating applications. The two new PR-OLEO® products are targeted for specific compressor types and applications. The first, PR-OLEO® C-PAO68-FG, is a fully synthetic polyalphaolefin (PAO) oil suitable for cryogenic screw compressors operating at temperatures as low as -50°C. The second oil, PR-OLEO® C-MH100A-FG, is another hydrotreated mineral oil with higher viscosity suitable for heat pump reciprocating compressors, including refrigeration compressors with additional heat pump.

Already in 2017, GEA, as one of the leading innovation experts in the development of environmentally friendly, economical cooling and heating solutions, launched the first PR-OLEO® ammonia oil products. These were the PR-OLEO® products C-MH68A and C-MH68-FG. Both are hydrogenated mineral oils suitable for a very wide range of screw and piston compressor applications.

Now, after several years of faultless operation in many different applications worldwide, GEA has used the same technical know-how to introduce the new range of PR-OLEO® products and offer the market a wider choice of oils.

Background Information:

Advantages of the natural refrigerant ammonia

For operators of plants with industrial refrigeration or heating requirements, ammonia is a sensible and sustainable refrigerant of choice, as it is environmentally friendly, but also scores points for efficiency and high specific refrigerating capacity. It is also readily available at low cost.

However, there are a variety of options when selecting ammonia oil, so it is important to make the right choice, as it is possible to further improve the overall efficiency of the system while reducing operating costs by selecting the most appropriate oil for the cooling or heating application.

Premium ammonia oil with benefits – safe and better for the plant and the process

For ammonia plant operators, manufacturers and contractors interested in efficiency and safety, GEA PR-OLEO® products offer a lubricant solution that is the natural choice for the industrial heating and cooling market. The PR-OLEO® product line stands for Premium Oil and offers oils suitable for all brands of ammonia screw and reciprocating compressors and a variety of applications, including new and existing equipment. This gives operators in many markets the opportunity to increase both compressor and overall equipment performance – year after year.

Every PR-OLEO® product has been thoroughly tested by GEA for several years in numerous field tests as well as extensive external laboratory testing. While GEA allows other brands of oil to be used in its equipment, no other approved oil has been tested as intensively. As a result, GEA believes PR-OLEO® offers many advantages over most conventional oils commonly used for ammonia cooling and heating applications.

With PR-OLEO® products, less wear, very low oil carryover and excellent flowability

Thanks to high-purity and stable base oils with unique additive formulas, PR-OLEO® products can contribute to better plant performance by ensuring reduced wear of compressor parts, very low oil carryover, excellent oil flowability at low temperatures, i.e. high-quality oil recirculation and improved heat transfer in the evaporator.

The combined positive effect of these benefits is increased system efficiency and lower compressor operating temperatures, providing operators with consistent or improved energy savings, reduced equipment downtime, lower maintenance costs due to fewer interventions, and improved equipment, personnel and process safety.

PR-OLEO® products meet food safety requirements

All PR-OLEO® products in the GEA portfolio are registered as H1 Food Safe products by the globally recognized National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). For refrigeration plant operators using ammonia as a refrigerant, this offers the unique opportunity to supplement the natural refrigerant ammonia with a food safe oil that can have a positive impact on plant efficiency and safety while meeting on-site food safety requirements.

NSF H1 food-registered products are strongly recommended for food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing plants where there is a possibility of incidental food contact. This means that NSF H1 PR-OLEO® products can be safely stored without fear of direct contamination or cross-contamination of raw materials, ongoing processes or the final product manufacturing process.

The versatility of the PR-OLEO® range means that an oil is available for most new and existing ammonia cooling and heating systems, regardless of manufacturer.

PR-OLEO® products can be used in existing plants without any problems

For existing plants, the conversion to PR-OLEO® is very easy due to its compatibility with many other ammonia oils, so that flushing is usually not required, especially when using PR-OLEO® oil C-MH68A with seal maintenance additive. To take full advantage of GEA PR-OLEO®, a complete oil and filter change is always recommended when retrofitting.

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