GEA: fortunate cooperation with Fortune Dairy

A 20% reduction in total cost of ownership, a 15 to 20% increase in energy efficiency, a halving of the maintenance interval, environmentally friendly cooling using ammonia and a compact design: this impressive result was achieved by the solution provider GEA at the Dairy Processing plant, Fortune Dairy near Pune, India. These significant savings were made possible by a solution using GEA Grasso M series compressors. The GEA ammonia screw compressor package with a high speed of 4500 rpm is an important part of the refrigeration system at Fortune Dairy’s new plant.

GEA’s high-speed 4500 rpm ammonia M Series screw compressor package is an important part of the refrigeration system at Fortune Dairy’s new plant near Pune, India. (Photo: GEA)

The numbers speak for themselves

The intelligent design of the GEA Grasso M series compressor ensured a 15 to 20 percent increase in the energy efficiency of the refrigeration plant. Another plus is the maintenance interval: GEA recommends an overhaul at 50,000 operating hours. Furthermore, there is a maximum oil carryover of five ppm. This also leads to reduced operating costs. The high-efficient, durable machine in combination with the use of ammonia as refrigerant makes it such a sustainable solution. Ammonia is a natural refrigerant and the most used refrigerant for GEA packages due to its environmentally friendly properties. The use of other refrigerants is also possible.

Fortune Dairy – an up-and-coming dairy company

Fortune Dairy, one of India’s emerging dairy companies, has built a new dairy processing plant near Pune. The installation and operation of the plant is managed by highly skilled and experienced experts. For this greenfield project, the company was looking for a reliable partner to deliver a compressor package that would provide more than just exceptional performance for the refrigeration system. They were looking for a solution that would add flexibility to the daily operation of the plant and support them in their quest for energy efficiency and sustainability. Most importantly, Fortune Dairy was looking for a compression system that would prove to be a wise investment decision.

The Solution: The GEA Grasso M Series Screw Compressor Package

GEA, one of the leading technologists globally and best known for its “GEA Grasso” brand, was approached by Fortune Dairy to develop a refrigeration compressor package solution. GEA exceeded the customer’s expectations with the GEA Grasso M series screw compressor. This technologically advanced compressor is a truly impressive high-speed unit which runs at 4,500 rpm in full load. Due to its design, the compressor requires a minimum of floor space. Up to 70 percent space savings are thus possible. This makes the compressor one of the most compact machines in its segment.

GEA Omni control panel

A key feature of the GEA compressor package is the GEA Omni control panel — a technologically advanced, digital powerhouse. Omni’s intuitive operation features a high-definition, multi-touch interface that integrates and optimally coordinates all required system components, resulting in a demand-driven and highly energy-efficient facility operation. Providing operators with a plethora of critical, real-time data and the advanced functionality needed to achieve peak system performance, Omni includes convenient, integrated applications. For example, OmniLink provides remote access and OmniHistorian offers viewing and analysis of historical data, including a precise accounting of actions performed by each authorized system operator. Designed as an open system, GEA Omni can monitor and control refrigeration system equipment from any manufacturer, making it an all-inclusive command center and eliminating the need for auxiliary control systems.

German Engineering: Designed and manufactured in Germany

GEA Grasso compressors are designed and manufactured in Germany, with sales and service support from the Indian subsidiary. The company has an India-wide service network that fulfills customer requests as quickly as possible.

Another satisfied customer

The intelligent design of GEA Grasso’s M Series compressor ensured a 15 to 20 percent increase in the energy efficiency of the refrigeration system. (Photo: GEA)

As an emerging and one of the fastest growing dairy brands, we are always looking for exceptional technology products to drive our growth. GEA is a global player, a true solution provider with many decades of experience. GEA’s Grasso M series screw compressors have made a big difference in our refrigeration plant. In addition to reduced maintenance costs and increased energy efficiency, we are now making progress in reducing CO2 emissions by using a natural refrigerant. We thank GEA for their world-class technology and exceptional customer service,” said Manoj Tupe, CMD Fortune Dairy Industries Pvt Ltd.

GEA has a long-standing relationship with Fortune Dairy. We are proud to be involved in this first-of-its-kind installation in the Indian dairy sector. The unit with its 4,500 revolutions per minute offers the best performance while taking up less space. The fact that we were able to help Fortune Dairy achieve its goals and reduce the total cost of ownership by up to 20 percent excites us and our customer alike. Besides the dairy industry, we are optimistic that GEA Grasso M Series is the perfect solution for the food, beverage and other aligned industries,” said Prakash Patil, Sales Director, Refrigeration Technologies, GEA India.