Fujitsu General starts local manufacturing of ATW in Europe, where decarbonization is promoted

Fujitsu General Limited and Groupe Atlantic establish a joint venture, FGAHP, for the manufacture of heat pump water heating systems ATW within Europe.

Ownership of FGAHP is split 51% held by Fujitsu General and 49% held by SIC, a 100% subsidiary of GA, that manufactures boilers and other heating-related equipment. FGAHP was established in December 2022, in Billy-Berclau, France, where SIC is located.

In order to realize “Harmonious coexistence with our Planet,” one of the key themes of our “Sustainable Management”, we are working to contribute to the prevention of global warming through our business activities. As part of this effort, we are committed to expand our ATW business, which is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by replacing equipment that use fossil fuels. We expect to sell approximately 500,000 units throughout Europe in FY2025. The establishment of FGAHP will contribute to this sales expansion. ATW is a core product of “Sustainable Products,” which we independently identify as a product that makes a significant contribution to reductions in carbon dioxide emissions, and plays an important role in contributing to global environmental measures and our sales,” – said in company.