Frascold’s consultancy as an added value for an all-natural challenge

A new exclusive project of CO2 solutions was presented by Mayekawa do Brasil group and the German company Teko for the refrigeration sector of Latin American, choosing as the heart of the project the consultancy and products offered by Frascold S.p.A.

The demand for refrigeration systems characterized by the use of ecological alternatives is constantly growing and for this reason Frascold S.p.A. has chosen as a priority challenge the awareness of the market towards this new eco-sustainable direction. The Montreal Protocol and the Kigali amendment are pushing the market to engage in an ever-increasing use of natural gas, focusing on the issues of environmental sustainability and energy saving. Thanks to the constant work of the entire R&D team, Frascold assumes a crucial role and constantly striving to define new standards of reliability, sustainability and performance for the entire range of products offered.

CO2 is the natural refrigerant on which the most relevant expectations are placed today, making transcritical CO2systems to be the most efficient way for all low temperature cooling systems for various sectors, including the retail sale of food and all distribution centers with a climate from cold to moderate.

The use of CO2 as refrigerant ensures numerous benefits from an environmental point of view, with an ODP equal to zero and a GWP equal to 1. Non-toxic and non-flammable, it has advantageous thermophysical properties, including an excellent heat transfer coefficient, a lower operational pressure and an extremely low viscosity. For of all these positive aspects and the long experience gained over the years, Frascold offers a complete and expanding range of compressors for subcritical and transcritical CO2 systems.

Frascold solutions also boast minimal oil drag, thanks to the exclusive piston design, characterized by three sealing rings and a fourth oil scraper, guaranteeing maximum reliability and efficiency.

The very low level of vibrations, the best smooth running and minimum noise are unique features that distinguish Frascold compressors on the entire refrigeration and air conditioning market.