Frascold and Arneg lead the Retail evolution with an R290 chiller

Credits: Frascold/Arneg

Frascold and Arneg – two international leaders in the design, manufacture and installation of compressors (Frascold) and finished equipment for the Retail sector (Arneg) – combine their know-how and their experience to create an R290 chiller, built to conserve fresh products and condition with normal temperatures. A solution that comes from the desire to expand the use of natural gases by offering a valid, user-friendly alternative to transcritical CO2installations.

In recent years, in line with the latest regulatory and technological developments, it has become a must for commercial refrigeration to reduce the environmental impact of sales points. A transition encouraged, first and foremost, by the European Parliament with the F-Gas, a regulation currently being updated in order to introduce further restrictions and to increasingly limit the use of HFCs.

The use of propane raises lively debates in the world of HVAC&R. Whilst, on the one hand, its thermodynamic and physical properties make it an advantageous choice, on the other hand, its flammability requires systems with complex structures in order to meet the requirements preventing the risk of explosion.” commented Enrico Zambotto, the Plant Technical Director at Arneg. “Until today, in commercial refrigeration, R290 has mainly been used for refrigerated cabinets with built-in motor and small-sized refrigerators, whilst for remote equipment, the use of CO2 as a natural refrigerant prevails. The new propane chiller will revolutionize the market, with the expectation of new frontiers being opened for the entire sector.

An innovative chiller with ATEX certified compressors

A new generation solution which works at reduced pressures and stands out as a simplified refrigeration unit, leading to ease of installation and maintenance. The chiller’s safety is guaranteed both by an ad hoc design, with low-volume heat exchanges that allow the fluid charge to be contained, and by S-AXH piston compressors from Frascold. Specifically designed for hydrocarbons, the components have proven to be the ideal choice for superior reliability, thanks also to their ATEX certification. In this sense the S-AXH units allow customers to develop a simplified risk analysis, for a safe project at every stage, from construction to commissioning. In addition, thanks to their compact design, the compressors require less installation space, all part of the drive for the greatest flexibility.

We relied on Frascold for their proven experience in the field of hydrocarbons, as well as for their comprehensive range of ATEX compressors. The teamwork between technicians has made it possible to overcome the application challenges of using propane for sustainable innovation.” added Alberto Paccagnella, Head of Refrigeration Machinery Design at Arneg, “We had the pleasure of introducing the chiller at Euroshop 2023, the world’s leading trade show for the Retail sector, just a few steps from our partners’ stands and the success achieved was remarkable. A goal that we still share today with Frascold and their entire team.