Eurovent welcomes Deltrian as its newest member

Eurovent welcomes Deltrian, a Belgian manufacturer of air filtration systems, as its newest Corresponding Member. The membership was formally approved during a meeting of the Eurovent Board of Directors in December 2021.

Founded in 1967, Deltrian has expertise in air quality management in various fields such as food-processing, automotive, microelectronic and pharmaceutical industries. Deltrian’s wide range of products includes domestic filters, filter media, fan coil filters, panel filters, bag filters and mini pleat filters. It has a global distribution of its filters through its various offices in Asia, Europe and North America.

Following the approval of the membership, Mr Jurgen Alexius, Owner of Deltrian International, stated: “We are honoured to be part of the Eurovent family and to be given an incredible platform to participate in showing the importance of our industry and the impact it has on improving the indoor environment. With our expertise in the field of air filtration, we will put our skills upfront to collaborate well and be in sync with other important members of the Eurovent network, as we have always respected principles of equal opportunity.”