Eurovent Middle East launches Cooling Tower Guidebook

As part of its core responsibilities, Eurovent Middle East aims to share information on available technology with the region’s market participants. The launch of a dedicated Cooling Tower Guidebook is the latest step in creating awareness and providing a comprehensive overview on a highly energy efficient cooling technology. The association also extends invitation to a physical workshop on evaporative cooling in Dubai.

The publication of a dedicated Cooling Tower guidebook marks the end of a two-year project where members of the association compiled the most essential information on evaporative cooling, to provide consultants, developers, building operators and investors with a quick and comprehensive reference to this technology. The use of water in cooling processes is as old as mankind yet may provide challenges in notoriously dry environments. The water-energy nexus will be one of many aspects to be discussed at the Cooling Tower Guidebook launch event, which will include an HVACR Leadership Workshop on evaporative cooling.

Further topics include:

  • Introduction to the Cooling Tower Guidebook
  • Overview of advantages of evaporative cooling
  • Working principles
  • Critical aspects of design, installation, and operation
  • Case study
  • Cooling Tower certification

Join Eurovent Middle East on Tuesday, 23 November 2021 from 17:00h (GST) at LeMeridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre for an informative exchange. Participants will receive a printed copy of the brand new Eurovent Middle East Cooling Tower Guidebook. Registration is free of charge via this link.