Eurovent, Eurovent Middle East and Eurovent Certita Certification host webinar on global air filtration standard

Eurovent, in cooperation with Eurovent Middle East and Eurovent Certita Certification, will host a dedicated webinar tailor-made for Africa, Middle East, India and Southeast Asia. The webinar will outline the importance of adherence to latest standards in air conditioning and ventilation. Special focus will be placed on the application of the newest air filtration standard ISO 16890, which has replaced EN 779 and other international standards in recent years.

The webinar, organised by Eurovent, Eurovent Middle East and Eurovent Certita Certification, will be held on 09 June 2021. In order to introduce ISO 16890 and explain its value and application, it will address the following topics:

  • ISO 16890: The global air filtration standard
  • Eurovent 4/23: Guidance for the selection of ISO 16890 rated air filter classes for general ventilation applications
  • Energy efficiency and filter certification

Presentations will be followed by a panel discussion and a dedicated Q&A session, where participants are invited to discuss any issues related to the topics.

Marc Schmidt, Chairman of the Eurovent Product Group ‘Air Filters’ (PG-FIL) and one of the key speakers of the webinar, underlines the importance of the transition to ISO 16890: “This standard has been developed to increase the awareness on Indoor Air Quality related to particulate matter suspended in the air and supports the World Health Organization’s fight in reducing illnesses related to smallest particle sizes. It is essential for the HVAC engineering community around the world to be aware of this standard and to understand its application.”

Register now and be a part of the ‘ISO 16890 – The Global Air Filtration Standard’ webinar. The webinar will be aired internationally on 09 June 2021 with the following timing:

  • Europe and North Africa: 08:00-09:30h (Brussels, Cairo)
  • Middle East: 10:00-11:30h (Abu Dhabi)
  • India: 12:30-14:00h (New Delhi)
  • Southeast Asia: 14:00-15:30h (Singapore)

Registration is free-of-charge and available via this link.