Eurovent concludes its 67th General Assembly

This years’ annual meeting was hosted by the Eurovent Member Associations Binnenklimaat Nederland and NVKL, which represent the interests of the Dutch air handling and refrigeration industries and promote the importance of healthy indoor climate. The Eurovent decision-making bodies, which consist of Board of Directors, Commission and General Assembly, elaborated on EU regulatory activities within the HVACR landscape, last year’s milestones of the association, as well as its future prospects for the 2023-2024 period.

In closing of the General Assembly, the Eurovent President Raul Corredera Haener mentioned: “It is an honour to meet once again for our General Assembly. I would like to sincerely thank all members who attended in person or online, to discuss issues of utmost importance for the association and our industry as a whole. As part of an ambitious action plan for the next year that was presented, the General Assembly unanimously approved the motion to open up the Annual Meeting to all Eurovent members from 2024 onwards. This marks another major milestone in our ongoing reforms that aim at greater transparency and more effective, member-driven governance.”

The Secretary General Francesco Scuderi added: “Thanks to everyone who attended this year’s General Assembly. Eurovent has had a productive year filled with major developments, including ongoing regulatory activities, international cooperation, and generational changes. I would like to thank all members and the Eurovent Team for their hard work and dedication, and I am confident that the following year will bring forth even more positive results.

For the first time, Eurovent presents an overview of its activities to the public in an all-encompassing Annual Report. The document provides a bird’s eye view of the association’s activities over the last year. It is available for download on the Eurovent website.