Europe: a new application to untangle in the world of F-Gas quotas

The Consulting Company for F-GAS NAVIS International Trade and Consulting Ltd. has made available a new application under the name F-Gas Quota.

It is an easy-to-use and user-friendly tool to respond to the needs of those who must districate themselves in the European Regulation F-Gas 517/2014, in particular in the buy/sell of F-Gas Quotas.

This App, intended primarily for those who want to sell/buy F-Gas Quotas in the EU 27+UK, brings the user on a guided path of choices, making sure he buys/sells the right type of Quota. There are also links to the Regulatory Environment and glossary.

The use of the App is relatively simple: registration is required at the first access. Registration only requires e-mail address and Company Name.

The second step is choosing which type of activity one wants to perform: Buy/Sell.

Quota Holders/Sellers simply need to register their e-mail address and Company Name, to be contacted.

Quota Buyers need register and choose what they want to buy through a guided process:

  • The choice is between Quota – Authorization – Delegation (with a glossary explaining what they are for).
  • After making the selection, one can see available quantity to reserve and price. When you submit your reservation, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and will be contacted for the purchase.

Where does the idea of such an Application come from? “As consultants for the HVAC-R sector, we realised that the concepts and procedures underlying the F-Gas quotas

they were not clear to everyone – explains Ekaterina Krivolap, NAVIS Commercial Director – The sales/purchasing/ procedure, in fact, is not quite simple. We therefore thought that an accessible and handy instrument like an App could make this basic function of the F-Gas Regulation – EU quota trading – more accessible, simpler and more understandable. In our idea, an App is easier to accept and use than a portal or website. This App is intended to support companies in a not so easy regulatory environment. The App is very intuitive to use. Even if you are not very familiar with the market and the Regulation, it can guide you in the purchase of the right product”.

At the moment the App is available only as an Android version.

As the interest recorded for this first version is more than satisfactory, NAVIS is also developing an Apple version and plans to expand its scope, making the process even simpler and more automatic.

Here the app for Android