Epta wins the Green SMART Label of Host 2021 with Visualis by Eurocryor

New edition of Smart Label, new award for Epta: this year, the traditional refrigerated cabinet Eurocryor Visualis for meat with Adaptive System technology has received the Green SMART Label. The competition promoted by Host – Fiera Milano in association with POLI.design and sponsored by ADI, Associazione per il Disegno Industriale, awards the more disruptive products and the companies at the forefront of the Ho.Re.Ca. sector in three different categories: SMART Label, Innovation SMART Label and Green SMART Label. Keywords for the award of the labels are innovation, digitalisation and reduction of environmental impact to seize future trends in the hospitality industry.

Visualis by Eurocryor equipped with Adaptive System is the perfect example of Epta’s orientation towards sustainable innovation. Awarded also with the Janus de l’Industrie in France, it is designed to merge promotion of the products, maximum comfort of operators and reduced consumption. The furnishing, whose design andmodel are registered, comes from the desire to guarantee operators a correct posture, bending to a maximum of 45° over the cabinet. Further key factors of Visualis are the raised display deck, the tilted ergonomic support surface, the sliding worktop and the glass closing panel of the internal section of the cabinet. This last device ensures numerous advantages, including excellent preservation of the articles and a 10% energy saving compared to standard models, which puts Visualis among the best serve-over solutions under the new Energy Labelling regulation.

Finally the performance of the cabinet is optimised thanks to the Adaptive System. This refrigeration management system regulates the operating parameters of the cabinet, with continuous adaptation to the ambient variations to ensure constant temperature and humidity. Adaptive System is particularly useful for refrigerated cabinets dedicated to the preservation of foods subject to a natural loss of moisture and therefore weight, such as meat, ensuring proven advantages. Compared to a traditional on/off system, it guarantees +3% of average humidity on the product, with consequent lengthening of shelf life, an increase of +1.5° C of the average evaporation temperature and a reduction of 9% of energy consumption.