Epta S.p.A. (EPTA), global player in commercial refrigeration, continues to grow and strengthens its presence in northern Germany through the acquisition of HEIFO GmbH & Co. KG. (HEIFO) refrigeration activities. Based in Osnabrück, this fourth-generation family business with experience in industrial and commercial refrigeration services, as well as in professional air-conditioning and food industry solutions. The transaction provides for the transfer of all refrigeration activities, worth around 25.0 million Euro in 2022 with over 120 employees, from HEIFO to a newco 100% owned by EPTA (HEIFO Kältetechnik GmbH), ensuring continuity in day-to-day business activities. The perimeter of the transaction does not include food industry solutionsbusiness, ”Professional Food Solutions” (HEIFO PFS-Group), that will be kept by HEIFO.

Epta, even stronger provider of sustainable and efficient solutions

Thanks to HEIFO’s expertise, EPTA will further strengthen its role as a provider of sustainable and energy-efficient solutions for commercial refrigeration. This expansion includes broadening its service offering to large scale retail customers, to include industrial refrigeration systems and engineering. With HEIFO’s structured network of technicians and expertise, EPTA will enhance its position as a one-stop-shop provider for the retail segment and the entire food & beverage sector.

The inclusion of HEIFO Kältetechnik GmbH in an international group as EPTA, with a strong heritage and recognized as a point of reference in the market, will allow the creation of new synergies and the continuous improvement of installation and services activities to support green transition.

We are satisfied and enthusiastic about the agreement signed because by welcoming HEIFO’s refrigeration activities into the Group, which are complementary to the business approach strategy pursued at Epta. We see on the horizon numerous opportunities for growth and success as a full-service provider of reference in the market.” commented Marco Nocivelli, Chairman and CEO of Epta S.p.A. This acquisition is a further step in our project of geographic expansion in regions with high growth potential such as Germany and in the development of more specialized skills within the Group. This is the ninth acquisition we have closed in four years, and added to the recent joint venture agreement, represents an additional milestone in achieving our development goals”.

The closing of the deal is subject to approval by the German Antitrust Authority, expected by the end of 2023. 

Epta has been assisted in connection with the transaction by Clairfield International as financial advisor and Haver & Mailander as legal advisor. HEIFO has retained Ecovis as financial advisor and Schindhelm as legal advisor.