Enex Technologies: all-round natural cooling

With a projected turnover of €200 million in 2023, Enex Technologies solidifies its position as not only the largest Italian group but also one of the largest in Europe in the production of natural cooling, heating and refrigeration equipment.

Enex Technologies is currently composed of 10 companies (Arctic, Emicon, Enex, EOS Refrigeration, Ethratech, Hidros, Kobol, Morgana, Roen Est, and Samifi France), boasting a collective presence of three production plants in Spain, two in France, one in Slovakia, and six in Italy. Additionally, the group has recently completed the construction on its group headquarters and Enex srl factory in Vacil di Breda (Treviso), Italy.

The inclusion of the ten companies will enhance the group’s innovative capacity and expand the array of products and services available to customers. Moreover, an organizational transformation is being implemented to integrate the companies, aiming at streamlining innovation and optimizing processes. This effort seeks to enable prompt and efficient responses to customer requirements.

Enex Technologies has a diversified presence. The group is active in the commercial refrigeration sector through Arctic and Enex. In the industrial refrigeration sector, it operates through Samifi and EOS. It has a strong presence in the HVAC sector with Emicon, Hidros, and Ethratech. Furthermore, it is engaged in the production of heat exchangers through Roen Est, Kobol, and Morgana.

As a result, Enex Technologies possesses the capability to provide comprehensive solutions and expertise in utilizing various types of natural refrigerants such as Ammonia, CO2, Propane and Water. This enables the group to offer tailored consultancy services to customers, addressing their specific requirements effectively. Enex Technologies’ distinctiveness lies in their profound knowledge across all domains of natural refrigeration and its applications.