Energy storage in retail: ENERGY STORAGE EUROPE cooperates with EuroShop

Credits: Euroshop

In future, the ENERGY STORAGE EUROPE (ESE) trade fair will cooperate with EuroShop, the world’s leading trade fair for retail investment requirements. As part of this cooperation, commercial enterprises will receive information on how they can use storage systems to implement energy saving measures, which in turn help them secure competitive advantages and commit to climate protection. ESE is expanding the user initiative that was started last year and which also comprises the cooperation with ProWein, the world’s leading trade fair for wines and spirits, as well as GNTM, the world’s leading trade fairs for metallurgy and foundry technology. The next ENERGY STORAGE EUROPE will take place in Düsseldorf from 10 to 12 March 2020.

Our analyses show that many commercial users in retail, the metal industry and viticulture currently don’t see storage as an integrated part of their energy systems and thus do not tap potentials for energy efficiency and climate protection,” says Dr. Andreas Moerke, Director ESE. “By cooperating with the leading trade fairs in these industries, we can show thousands of companies how energy storage can contribute to climate protection. In the coming months, we will approach the numerous customers of these trade fairs and connect them to energy storage system providers at ESE.”

Increasing interest in sustainability and energy efficiency

Resource and energy efficiency help reduce costs and are turning into important competitive advantages, despite the fact that electricity often makes up the lion’s share of energy demands. This applies to energy-intense industries as well as to the food retail sector. Studies have shown that in these segments, over 80 percent of energy is used in the form of electricity. At the same time, electricity costs are increasing.

As a large share of electricity in turn flows into generating heating and cooling, industrial heat storage technologies are also gaining importance. At ESE, they once again play a central role and are a focal point at the trade fair, where they have their own area, as well as at the conferences that take place in parallel.

EuroShop presents intelligent solutions around energy topics in retail in the special area ECOpark. The new cooperation with EuroShop and ESE ensures that energy storage solutions and their contribution to climate protection and cost-reductions in retail will be a prominent subject of discussion in the ECOpark in 2020.

Offers for users at ENERGY STORAGE EUROPE

ENERGY STORAGE EUROPE will present a wide offer of information for representatives in retail, the metal industry and the wine sector. The offer provides information on the functions storage can provide as part of climate protection and decarbonisation strategies. The trade fair will also offer storage system providers the opportunity to present their products and solutions to potential users.


ENERGY STORAGE EUROPE in Düsseldorf is the trade fair for the global energy storage industry and focuses on applications and energy systems. The international conferences that take place in parallel offer the world’s largest conference programme on all energy storage technologies. The focal points are economics and finances (ESE) as well as science and research (IRES).